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Using Facebook Ads to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Websites
01 August 2019

Using Facebook Ads to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Websites


If your aim is to drive targeted traffic to your website, Facebook is the ultimate platform where you can find millions of active users. Research shows that Facebook has more than two billion monthly active users and that makes FB an easy source to acquire visitors.

But to reach the traffic related to your niche and driving them is a little tricky. Here are some secrets that will help you bring higher traffic and sales through Facebook Ads.


Pick Your Ultimate Target

Before running a Facebook Ad, it is very important that you decide on an ultimate goal about what you want to attain through the ad.  The goals must be like –

  • You want people to recognize you.
  • You are going to get leads or
  • You want your customers to take action i.e. to buy or try the products.

While setting an Ad Campaign, Facebook will give you few objectives to be chosen like – Brand Awareness, Traffic, Conversion, Reach, Engagement, App-Installs, Product Catalogue Sales, Lead Generation, Store Visits, Video Views. You need to choose the objective as per your business.


Test Your Ads

You must keep testing the system to test the ads as to whether they are performing well or not? If you are running lots of ads, Facebook alone cannot test the ads. So, you must get help from other programs.


Manage Ads

To improve your Facebook Ads, you need to manage the settings of the Advertisement. By managing the ads, you can save your money and optimize your conversions and traffic.


Displaying Ads

The display option can make a huge difference in your Ad Campaign’s performance. Every placement has its own prominence and can result in more profit.

Ads must be created keeping in mind the mobile display because Facebook has approx. 1 billion monthly active mobile users.


Ads Must Be Creative

It is quite important how the ad looks and what the headline says. You need to clarify everything to your audience. You should choose the images and color schemes as per the goal that you decided on previously.

Research says that the more creative your ad is, the more it will need to be optimized. Content-Type plays an effective role. As per CoSchedule, many of the top brands are using images and video content. So, you can also do the same.


Landing Page Connection

Your landing page is one of the most important factors of your Ad Campaign. If your ads are working well but still you are not getting conversions that mean FB Ads and your landing page are not connected and that is a problem. The CTA in the FB Ad and the message should be the same.



Facebook Ads automatically start improving after they start getting tested. You must test the ads continuously only then will they get optimized. You can try the above-mentioned ideas and see the traffic rolling into your website.


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